Wall-mount ARM

Key Features
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Double Gas springs assisted for high vertical movement
  • Fully cable managed
  • Rubber rings are in place to avoid bumps against the wall
  • When not outstretched, the arms can fold close to the wall for space saving
  • ARM-1005M-1858_photo
Weight Capacity 1~7 kg (2.2~15.4 lbs)
Tilt 15° up and 40° down (display)
70° up and 100° down (arm)
Rotation 370° for portrait or landscape viewing
Pivot 270° (ceiling), 370° (arm), 270° (display)
Extension 1,774 mm
Color & Material Beige, Aluminum alloy and plastic cover
Display Compatibility VESA-75/100
Cable 1 x Power cable/ 1 x RJ-45 LAN cable
Net Weight ARM-1005M-1858 (8.55kgs)/ WBX-005 (8.2kgs)
Gross Weight ARM-1005M-1858 (12.22kgs)/ WBX-005 (9.0kgs)
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Wall-mount Arm

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