Technical Review: SCP Cube Series

The Industry’s First 2-in-1 Supercapacitor Power and Environmental Monitoring Solution

Reliable power is particularly crucial in today's industrial environments. Highly automated sensor-driven and cloud-based Industry 4.0 installations, especially, rely on solid power. Power glitches and irregularities are not acceptable, which makes safe, secure and autonomous uninterruptible power mandatory.

ARBOR’s SCP Cube has superior reliability, much reduced maintenance, simplicity, ease of use, inherent ruggedness, as well as environmental friendliness when compared to batteries. The SCP Cube, the industry’s first 2-in-1 super capacitor power and environmental monitoring solution, has a longer working life span than batteries, a wider operating temperature range, and a much shorter recharge time than traditional battery UPS systems.

Download the Technical Review to learn how ARBOR’s SCP Cube to be the best redundant power backup partner with forward to Industry 4.0:

  • Built for critical applications and become the essential role of Industry 4.0
  • Using Super Capacitor Technology for energy storage instead of conventional batteries.
  • Ready to integrate network and management for industrial environments