ARBOR IIoT 4.0 Solution


How ARBOR is Enhancing Industrial IoT

Professional Customization Services
ARBOR offers professional customization services to help machinery manufacturers increase availability, shorten production cycles and speed up their digital transformation processes.
Energy-storage Solution
System reliability is key to industrial automation. ARBOR’s better-than-ever energy-storage solution uses Super Capacitor technology to ensure 100% energy reliability and operational safety.
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring with automated access control systems from ARBOR provides enhanced safety, energy efficiency and convenient remote monitoring.
Low-Power-Wide-Area LoRaWAN™ Solution
ARBOR’s Low-Power-Wide-Area LoRaWAN™ solution is designed to cost-effectively connect IoT sensors for monitoring dust, gas, CO2, water and other factors to optimize factory operation and ensure the quality of the factory environment.
Smart Factory, Industrial IoT, IoT Solution
Smart Factory, Industrial IoT, IoT Solution

ARBOR 2019 Industrial Automation Catalog

  • ARBOR’s Latest Offerings and Success Cases for Industrial Automation
  • Automation Controllers for IIoT Applications
  • Transportation Controllers for Internet of Vehicles
  • Next-Generation Industrial Panel PCs
  • Ultra-Slim Panel PCs
  • Digital Signages
  • Product Selection Guide

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Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industrial Box PC
Machine Vision Computer
Industrial Panel PC
Slim Panel PC
Handheld Device
Super CAP Power
Space Management Terminal
Space Management Terminal
Factory Environment Monitoring
Factory Environment Monitoring