11/26 2015

ARBOR Participates in Shandong Project Matching Conference with Key Local State-owned Enterprises

ARBOR Technology participated in a project matching conference, hosted by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province in Jinan, Shandong on November 24, 2015. The purpose of the conference was to provide cooperation opportunities, and facilitate information exchange between ARBOR and over a dozen primary Shandong province enterprises, including Shandong Iron and Steel Group, Shandong Energy Group, Hualu Holdings and Shandong Hi-Speed Group. The President of ARBOR Technology Group and the Vice President of Department of Commerce of Shandong Province both attended the meetings.
At the conference, ARBOR highlighted its capabilities and accomplishments in designing total solutions related to the emerging concepts of Smart City and the Internet-of-Things. In addition, ARBOR presented case studies in smart logistics and warehouse management projects, both areas of interest to the participating Shandong province enterprises. The parties also shared insights and experiences in various project areas, including steel warehouses, medical facilities, logistics management, electron transport chain (ETC) management, high-speed logistics, and similar. Having reached draft frameworks for cooperation and collaboration at the conference, the parties are now looking forward toward more detailed and project-specific future communication.

ARBOR also participated in a separate matching conference, hosted by the Qingdao Province Department of Commerce, that was held in Qingdao the following day, November 25. An official Qingdao delegation, major mainland-based association leaders, and several key local business owners participated in these sessions.