06/23 2016

ARBOR IoT-800 Ultra-Slim Panel PC White Paper Now Available Online

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, announced that its IoT-800 Ultra-Slim Panel PC whitepaper is now available at www.arbor-technology.com. The compact, versatile 8-inch ARBOR IoT-800 is a follow-up on the smaller IoT-500 5-inch HMI panel, where HMI stands for Human Machine Interface. The IoT-800, though still very compact, offers significantly more screen real estate than is available on the IoT-500's smartphone-sized display. Optimal screen size depends on the application, but both of ARBOR's small IoT panels allow people to interact with the emerging Internet of Things.
The white paper is intended to give our customers an overview of the IoT-800 model has to offer, and how it can best fit your projects. It also includes some key facts that will help you define the best solution for your needs. Find out how you can leverage the IoT-800 to interact with the emerging Internet of Things, and to transform your business.

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