04/21 2015

New ARBOR Ultra-Small Boxed Chassis System with Single-chip, Quad-core Intel® Celeron® SoC & Atom™ Processors E3800 Family

Taipei – ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions,announces the release of the IEC-3300, an Ultra Small Boxed Chassis System based on the new Intel® Celeron® SoC & Atom™ processors E3800 family (formerly codenamed “Bay Trail”). The IEC-3300 is designed for a wide range of industrial applications.

Key features:

  • Using the latest Intel® Bay Trial technology, combined with our compact and robust chassis design, the IEC-3300 is high performance yet still maintains a small, fanless form factor. I/O choices, including one COM, dual LAN, and dual display, combined with an extended temperature range of -20~55 Celsius, creates an industrial ‘jack-of-all-trades’ .
  • The system carries CE & FCC certification, passing regulatory hurdles out of the box.
  • The IEC-3300 is a reliable system with a small footprint and extended temperature range and is designed to be a smaller solution that lasts longer. This system delivers a rugged, turn-key, go-anywhere solution without compromising performance or features.

This robust system is designed for a wide range of environments and applications. The system is well suited for customers needing out-of-the-box CE/FCC certification, as well as those with demanding digital signage projects. The processor is capable of driving HD multimedia, and the system offers HDMI and VGA ports for dual displays. With its small footprint, dustproof design, and operating temperature range of -20~55 Celsius, the IEC-3300 can power displays outside of temperature controlled environments. We see it as a versatile offering for places such as warehouses, train stations, and factories.
The following CPU variants are supported by the Boxed System:
COM / Processor Cores Cache [M] Clock [GHz] SDP/ TDP [W] Operating Temp. Remark
IEC-3300-N2807 2 1 1.65 4.5/- -20 ~ 55°C
IEC-3300-J1900 4 2 2.00 -/10 -20 ~ 55°C OEM Request
IEC-3300-E3825 2 1 1.33 -/6 -20 ~ 55°C OEM Request