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Connecting Smart Planet with ARBOR's NB-IoT Solutions

For asset tracking, anomaly detection, monitoring, agriculture and more

ARBOR’s IoT Solutions with NB-IoT

ARBOR Technology offers long range, low power, and highly customizable wireless communication protocol options. With long-distance data transmission capability and the ability to operate off-the-grid, ARBOR’s NB-IoT Solutions allow operators the benefit of monitoring their valuable assets with the Cloud, store big data for future planning and offers the ability to make timely decisions remotely right from a mobile phone. ARBOR’s NB-IoT Solutions can eliminate the need for repeaters, reduce infrastructure and energy cost, and is flexible and versatile in its applications.

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Key Features

Easy Installation

Compact, light weight and easy mounting solutions make deployment easy.

Smart Management

Manage your sensors’ mobile apps to collect, monitor and control sensors.

Long Range, Low Power

ARBOR’s IoT Solutions transmit a long range, low power signal so that users are able to operate their sensors with batteries, allowing operation at areas away from the grid.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitoring is in real-time through mobile apps via a cloud service over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks.

Large Scale Deployment

ARBOR’s IoT Solutions allow for a large number of sensor all under one management system, allowing for virtually limitless scaling.

Secured Setup

ARBOR’s IoT Solutions are protected by telecom platforms and can be setup in a private network, avoiding external threats.

Specialized for Your Application

Customizing a system to suit your application is an integral part of our solution. We achieve this by providing a customizable wireless automated system with NB-IoT Technology.

Air Quality Monitoring

The Sharing Economy

Smart Horticulture

Smart Meter

Abnormal Road Warning

Vibration Detection (Bridge)

Monitor & Control

Anytime & Anywhere

The Mobile App allows you to connect to your NB-IoT Gateway via cloud services, and monitor IoT sensors in real-time, browse sensor data history and remotely control actuators. The easy to understand, easy to use interface allows operator to navigate the app easily and efficiently.

Real-time Monitoring

The Mobile App´s interface displays easy-to-see current sensor readings and allows users to immediately receive the most up to date status.

History Data / Big Data

A user can easily browse a sensor´s data history to study trends and plan actions with just two fingers.

Remote Control Section

A user is able to send commands to NB-IoT Power Control Manager to directly take control of connected devices.

NB-IoT Integrated

ARBOR Products with NB-IoT Support

A vast line up of ARBOR Industrial Automation Solutions support NB-IoT to enable IIoT long distance communications for remote automation applications.