ARBOR Focuses on Main Vertical Markets at 2017 Tech Day
Tech Day 2017

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing systems, demonstrated its solutions, applications, and technologies early June 2017 at Tech Day in Taipei, Taiwan. The annual event offers customers opportunity to mingle with business peers and learn about the latest products and market trends.

This year’s event focused on showcasing ARBOR’s manufacturing capability, introducing new products, as well as covering main vertical markets such as IoR (Internet of Retail), IoV (Internet of Vehicles), industrial automation, medical applications, and digital signage. The event showed how ARBOR’s embedded total solutions can accelerate the development and implementation of these vertical markets.

Key customers from around the world were shown the benefits of ARBOR products and solutions in the following value-added vertical sectors:
New Innovation   The IoT in Retail & Vehicle
Industrial Automation   Medical Solution
Digital Signage   Manufacturing capability