ARBOR Introduces the EmETXe-a58M0 COM Express® Compact Type 6 Module with 2nd Generation AMD G-series SoC

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, announces the release of the ARBOR EmETXe-a58M0 COM Express Type 6 Module. This module is based on the 2nd generation AMD Embedded G-Series SOC (System-on-Chip) processors. Compared to the current AMD Embedded G-Series SOC platform, they provide higher performance and a lower power draw thanks to an improved Jaguar+ CPU architecture and AMD Radeon™ 8000 graphics core. Graphics engine speed has been increased up to 800 MHz and the DDR3 interface up to 1866 MT/s. A new function of the G-Series includes Core Boost Frequency to ensure appropriate processor overclocking.....more


• Fanless Design
• Soldered onboard AMD APU G-series SoC GX-412HC processor
• Analog RGB and DDI Port
• Integrated Gigabit Ethernet

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