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Arbor Q3/2010 Extended Warranty
ARBOR product warranty is effective since May 01, 2002. For the warranty prodcuts, please refer to below:
ARBOR has revised a new warranty policy effective March 1, 2010. All ARBOR standard products are covered under warranty for a two-year period except for the one-year warranty of Tablet PC and Medical PC. Products purchased before January 1, 2010 are covered under the product's original one year warranty, unless otherwise noted on the packaging.
Warranty Periods
Product Category Product Line Warranty Period
Embedded Computing Computer on Module  2years
PC/104 & PC/104+  2years
Compact Board  2years
Slot Computing  2years
Industrial Motherboard  2years
Wide Temperature Board  2years
Chassis / Backplane / Power Supply  2years
Accessory  1years
Rugged Mobile Computing Rugged Tablet PC  1years
Medical Computing Expert Medical Station  1years
Patient Infotainment Terminal  1years
Nursing Care Thin Client  1years
Mobile Clinical Assistant  1years
Patient Monitoring Terminal  1years
Industrial Automation Industrial Automation  2years
Industrial Vision/Motion  2years
Transportation  2years
Digital Signage  2years
Wide Temperature  2years
Slim Panel PC  2years
Heavy Duty Panel PC  2years
Wide Screen Panel PC  2years
ECO System  2years