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Fan-Less Embedded Controller with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Key Features
  • 6th generation Intel® SkyLake-U platform
  • Compact & fan-less design
  • 4 x USB3.0 combo ports
  • Dual Gbe Ethernet LANs connectivity
  • Multi COMs
  • 4 x PoE Gbe Ethernet w/ 802.3af compliant designed for GigE camera
  • Raid 0/1 support
  • WiFi
  • Fanless
ARES-1970-E right
  • ARES-1970-E right
  • ARES-1970-E right 2
  • ARES-1970-E 3
  • ARES-1970-E 4
  • ARES-1970-E front
  • ARES-1970-E top
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation
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