XTX™ Evaluation Board in ATX Form Factor

Key Features
  • XTX™ Evaluation Board
  • 3 x PCIe x1 Lane and 4 x PCI Slots
  • Support Analog RGB, LVDS and TV-out
  • 4 x SATA, 6 x USB 2.0 Ports, 4 x Serial Ports (Selectable by Jumper)
  • Secondary Multi I/O (COM3, COM4)
  • ALC655 AC97 Audio CODEC
  • AT or ATX Power Supply
  • POST Code Diagnostics
  • 1 x ExpressCard/54 Interface
  • PBE-1400
Storage 4 x Serial ATA connectors
1 x Ultra ATA100/66/33 port, support 2 IDE devices
1 x Floopy disk drive shared with parallel port
I/O Interface
Serial Port 4 x COM ports (4 x RS-232; 2 from XTX™ CPU module, and 2 from on carrier board 2nd Super IO)
Parallel Port SPP/EPP/ECP mode
IrDA 1 x SIR IrDA 1.1 compliant
USB Port 6 x USB connectors
KB/MS 1 x PS/2 Keyboard connector
1 x PS/2 Mouse connector
Expansion Bus 3 x PCIe x1 lane Slots
4 x PCI Slots
1 x ExpressCard/54 Socket
1 x RJ-45 Ethernet connector with LED
CODEC/Interface Realtek ALC655 6 Channel AC97 Audio CODEC (Audio 1/Audio 2 selectable)
Graphics Interface Analog RGB, LVDS and TV-out connector (depend on CPU module)
Mechanical & Environmental
Power Requirement AT or ATX power connector
Operating Temp. 0 ~ 60ºC (32 ~ 140ºF)
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Dimension (L x W) 305 x 220 mm (12" x 8.7")
What is XTX™?
XTX™ is an ETX® Component SBC Specification extension.
XTX™ is fully compliant to ETX® Specification except for the X2 (ISA bus) connector signal definition.
The signals on the X2 connector are replaced by new features, such as PCI Express, SATA, ExpressCard, LPC Bus, Extended Power Management, 6 USB 2.0 devices and Digital Audio.
What's included onboard?
The evaluation board is designed in a standard ATX form factor and allows the addition of commercially available add-on cards. It can be used free standing or simply be mounted in a commercial ATX desktop case. The board includes connectors and interfaces for PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse, USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, Sound, Floppy disk and IDE devices. It supports the connection of a wide variety of visual devices such as Flat Panel LVDS displays, Analog RGB displays and has a TV-out port. Supported storage media include CompactFlash, Disk On Chip and other ATA-based devices such as hard disk and CD-ROM. Power is supplied by means of an AT or an ATX power connector. Additional ATX On/Off soft and Reset switches are included on board. All evaluation boards come standard with a Dual LED POST function that monitors and gives information about the BIOS when booting the system.
Since the standard ATX form-factor board also uses the ETX® standard, commercially available cards can be added. This way you can extend the functionality of off-the-shelf ETX® cores to match your application requirements. Functional prototypes can now be used in a very early project stage for hardware evaluation. Software development of a custom ETX® carrier board that integrates all these additional function takes place in a separate effort. Development time of custom ETX® carrier boards is a minimal effort that takes normally around one or two months. By using the ETX® Module that starts from a readily available system core, hardware design time and cost is minimized as your attention can be focused on parts of the system unique to your application.
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PBE-1400 XTX™ evaluation board in ATX form factor

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