In the busy hospitality and catering environments where numerous orders have to be taken and processed, the efficiency of service is as important as the reliability. ARBOR’s mPOS solutions are designed to streamline the operation from taking orders, communicating with the kitchen, serving the food and receiving payments. Therefore, waiting time and response time per guest is reduced and guests’ satisfaction will be enhanced.
Restaurant Self-Service Ordering with User-Friendly Multi-touch Panel PCs
Ordering System

■ Introduction
The restaurant industry is challenging and brutally competitive. Fast service and a pleasant dining environment are crucial elements in getting noticed and winning customers. But restaurant owners must also stay on top of costs and operations to grow revenue and profitability. The use of advanced touch screen panel computers can address all of these requirements. Quick and easy self-service ordering can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce workforce levels and speed up food service table turnover, enabling restaurant businesses to run better, faster, safer and more profitable.

■ Applications

  • Self-service ordering kiosks
  • Tabletop mini-touch terminals
  • Advertising/infotainment displays
  • Vending machines touch screens

■ Requirements

  • Wide-screen capacitive touch panel PCs
  • Large LCD displays w/ LED backlight
  • Rugged yet stylish exterior design
  • Fanless cooling system
  • Front panel compliant with IP65
  • Cable-less design
  • Rich I/O

■ Description

Customers hate standing in line at the counter or waiting for service to place their order at the table. It is no less stressful for wait staff, especially during peak times where time pressure may result in errors and an inability to properly serve customers. This leads to lost time and money as well as lower customer satisfaction and less repeat business. To address these concerns, ARBOR provides the ASLAN series of wide-screen panel PCs, based on the Intel® Bay Trail platform, as self-service multi touch kiosks. ASLAN can be installed on the tabletop, or at central locations in the restaurant where customers can place their meal orders quickly and accurately. In fast food restaurants, customers may customize their orders and mark ingredients they don’t want, thus helping to cut down on overhead and waste.

Properly implemented, ASLAN may also result in reduced staffing levels and lower salary overhead, while improving customer satisfaction, customer retention rates, and business revenue generation. ASLAN panels may also be configured to run ads and signage during non-peak times, as well as display promotional and incentive offers and suggestions for customers getting ready to order.

The ASLAN Panel PCs has a stylish, modern design, large wide-screen multi touch display, and sturdy, rugged front panel construction make it perfectly suited for public use. ASLAN includes all the necessary I/O ports to connect external peripheral equipment to support payment, scanning, printing and more. And ASLAN’s fanless design ensures a clean, quiet and safe customer dining experience.

■ Benefits

  • Fast service to maximize customer flow & sales volume
  • Smooth ordering experience for customers
  • Right-size workforce and operations cost
  • Enhance customer satisfaction & brand loyalty