Gladius G0830
8” 四核心處理器工業級平板電腦
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Gladius G0830 Front
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  • 適合倉儲盤點、零售、物流配送等多種工業應用
  • 8” TFT 彩色 LCD 1024 x 768 XGA解析度
  • IPS LED 電容式觸控螢幕, 支援多點觸控
  • 高行動性, 可連接WiFi及藍芽無線網路
  • 支援microSD slot擴充
  • 支援多種資料讀取方式,包括條碼掃描、RFID 、NFC及 MSR
Type 產品規格表
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Description Gladius G0830 Datasheet
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Date 2020/11/25
ARBOR’s multi-functional logistics products can tackle the critical tasks of warehousing and distribution. Our products combine wireless connectivity, bar coding and rich communication interfaces, which can help our customer accelerate work efficiency, optimize communication and streamline supply chain.
For retails and hospitality businesses industry, mobile Point-of-Sales (POS) has gradually replaced the traditional POS workstation that allows business operators to reduce the implementation costs, streamline daily operations, and quickly achieve measurable ROI.