Industrial Automation
Factory Automation

Industry is on the period of the fourth industrial revolution, also known as “Industry 4.0”. Driven by Cloud Computing, big data and Internet-of-Things, the factory and machine operation, as well as production process will require smarter and faster solutions.

To meet this changes and challenges, ARBOR provides a full lineup of PC-based factory automation products, which are designed for advanced automation applications on the factory floor, including complex control capabilities, multitasking, local storage, databases, and open communications protocols.

Our PC-based factory automation solutions includes embedded systems and HMI, all of which feature reliable platforms, robust chassis designs, stainless steel housings, flexible modularization designs and isolated serial ports to fulfill the next generation of manufacturing.

Factory Automation

Towards the 4thsup Industrial Revolution

Based on Cyber-Physical implementation, ARBOR’s EAGLE Vision Platform can help for quality improvement and facilitate the production processes.