ARBOR IIoT 4.0 Solution


Industrial Motherboards

Minimal Configuration and
Maximum Business ROI

ARBOR’s Trusted Embedded Computing Platform to Maximum Best Business ROI

ARBOR offers plenty of industrial motherboard series in different form factors including Micro ATX and Mini-ITX. All industrial motherboards are designed with X86-based, Intel® chipsets based on demand from system integrators, and are ideal for platforms needing industrial features such as longevity, reliability and manageability, including many controller, server and gaming machine applications.

Conformal Coating Service with
Increased Reliability for Vertical Market Segments

ARBOR provides the automated conformal coating service, with an acrylic coating being applied to the whole surface of the board,
except the contact pins,to protect the components & circuitry against dust, fungus, moisture and salt spray.
Conformal coating also prevents short circuits and corrosion of metal between conductors.

Full-service OEM/ODM Solutions

Customized board & system design
Machine build-up to industrial design
One-stop SW/HW service
Extensive I/O interface

Reliability & Longevity

Conformal coating solution
Wide Temperature design & validation
Fan-less thermal technology
15 Years Longevity

Ready-to-use Industrial Platform

X86 architecture, Intel® & AMD®
PICMG, SGeT standard compliance
Compliant with IPC-A 610E Class 3/

ARBOR Industrial Motherboard Featured Products

Micro ATX
Micro ATX
Micro ATX
Micro ATX
Mini ITX
Mini ITX
Mini ITX
Mini ITX

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