Gladius G0975M

9.7” Intel® Celeron® N2930 強固型平板電腦

  • 9.7” XGA IPS LED電容式多點觸控螢幕
  • 搭載Intel® Quad Core Celeron®高效能處理器
  • 適合倉儲盤點、零售、物流、mPOS等多種產業應用
  • IP65 防護及MIL-STD-810G工業級強固特性,1.2公尺落摔保護
  • 高行動性,可連接WiFi及藍芽無線網路
  • 採用康寧Corning® Gorilla® Glass強化觸控鏡面
  • 可更換式電池,提升電池續航力
  • 提供可自訂功能實體按鍵
Gladius G0975M Front left
  • Gladius G0975M Front left
  • Gladius G0975M Front
  • G0975M Front right
  • Gladius G0975M back
  • Gladius G0975M side
  • Gladius G0975M bottom


Industrial Tablet Built for
to Work In the Field

Industrial Ruggedness

Meets the strict requirements of MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards

Programmable Keypad

Programmable membrane physical function keypad for your input needs

Stronger Display

Adopting Corning Gorilla glass panel for outstanding durability

Better Mobility

The G0975M delivers lightweight mobility with a weight of less than 1 kg

Convenient Data Access

Versatile data retrieval capabilities, including touch screen, voice, camera and barcode scanner

Versatile Cradles

Desktop and vehicle cradles with various I/O for add-on functions

Build Your Own System

With the G0975M’s CTOS (configure to order service), you can build your own system according to your specific needs. For example, for retail application, use our mPOS module to streamline your retail operations with everything from mobile POS tools to real-time sale/stock management.


Ramp Up Mobile Applications

G0975M Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

G0975M Inventory Management

Inventory Management

G0975M Field Operations

Field Operations

Success Case

G0975M Optimizes Inventory Management for a Multinational Retailer

A multinational food and shopping company in Asia outfitted its chain stores in Korea with ARBOR’s G0975M to manage their merchandise inventory. The G0975M is a powerful GOT (graphic operation terminal) that enables the store associates to have the entire inventory at their fingertips. With inventory taking, ordering and forecasting efficiency greatly increased, the G0975M has been proven to deliver a quick return on investment.