Custom Design Solutions

Custom Design Solutions
  ARBOR Technology (UK) Limited provides design and manufacturing solutions for bespoke electronic enclosures for industrial, marine and defence applications.
Using the latest design tools ARBOR UK produce solutions to satisfy customer's requirements ensuring low cost, excellent manufacturing quality and on time delivery. In addition ARBOR UK operates in line with ISO 9001 and has experience in manufacturing solutions which can meet various standards including CE, EMC, FCC and type testing.
Engineering Expertise
Mechanical Design   Electrical Design   Electronic / PCB Design   Product Improvement
Mechanical Design using 3D CAD modelling tools.   From your specification ARBOR UK can produce wiring diagrams and wiring schedules ready for production of the final product.   ARBOR UK has designed numerous PCBs including microprocessor, data acquisition and interface circuits.
Previous PCB
Designs include:
• PSU Board
• ETX Carrier Board
• RF Detector
• 64 Bit PCI Backplane
• Video Switch / PSU
• PCI Connector
• Data Acquisition Card
  ARBOR UK provides after sales support not only for off the shelf products but also for bespoke items.
Customers benefit from:
• Specification Development
• Reliability Improvement
• Proactive Obsolescence
• Monitoring
  Application Examples   Application Examples  
Military and Aviation Test Equipment
• Mobile Loader Unit
• Missile Warner
• ESM PSU TPS Adaptor
• ESM PSU Self-Test Jig
• Suppression Test Box
• Attenuator Brackets
• Date PC
  Marine Test Equipment
• Submarine Test Equipment
Marine Controller
• Advanced Marine Controller
• Serial Cards
• Portable PC for Roadside Camera Setup / Test
Industrial Computing
• Industrial PC Chassis
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