05/05 2017

Android Terminal everywhere, the new trend

Following the dazzling rise of tablet need in consumer houses and then in all sectors of activity, many companies are now searching to equip their public spaces with touch screens in order to manage goods and people flows or simply to display information. With Panel PC, no constraints linked to battery use (charge, replacement, life cycle), which is ideal for permanent use and 24/7 accessible application.
ARBOR Technology answer to this increasing demand with 4 new Android Panel PC: M1014 with PoE power connexion, as well as PC1015 which includes 1D/2D barcode scanner, and also IOT-500 and IOT-800 (E-Mark), built for rugged integration.
These Panel PC applications are multiplying, and for multi purposes:
  • Access and flows control
  • Booking planning and calendar management
  • Proposing games and other entertainments in waiting spaces
  • Offering new webservices for taxis
  • Controlling product price and information
  • Displaying immediate promotions in shops
  • Digitalizing order reception in fast-food areas

Thus, public and staff enjoy a user-friendly touch-sensitive interface for all kind of actions. You are also thinking of a new application that needs touch screens in your premises ? Please do not hesitate to contact our R&D engineers, they will advise you about each system evolution capacities.