06/30 2017

ARBOR Focuses on Main Vertical Markets at 2017 Tech Day

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing systems, demonstrated its solutions, applications, and technologies early June 2017 at Tech Day in Taipei, Taiwan. The annual event offers customers opportunity to mingle with business peers and learn about the latest products and market trends.
This year’s event focused on showcasing ARBOR’s manufacturing capability, introducing new products, as well as covering main vertical markets such as IoR (Internet of Retail), IoV (Internet of Vehicles), industrial automation, medical applications, and digital signage. The event showed how ARBOR’s embedded total solutions can accelerate the development and implementation of these vertical markets.

Key customers from around the world were shown the benefits of ARBOR products and solutions in the following value-added vertical sectors:

New Innovation

  • ARBOR’s LoRa Starter kit is an ideal solution for customers seeking to develop IoT applications that require long range wireless connection and very low power consumption.
  • In the area of environmental protection, we introduced the MRS that allows the use of mobile phones for exterior inspections and interior hardware tests, saving time and facilitating quick and easy transmission of test data to the Cloud.

The IoT in Retail & Vehicle

ARBOR’s product line-up for retail and vehicle applications included rugged mobile devices, tablet PCs, and embedded systems. These all benefit from ARBOR’s extensive expertise in custom configuration and functional design, satisfying the stringent reliability and communication requirements of industrial IoT projects and deployments.

Industrial Automation

Highly customizable and user-orientated, our high performance automation systems help customers minimize turnkey solution development time and time-to-market. ARBOR also showed its new FPC Series BOX PC based on the latest Intel Kaby Lake CPU platform, and the new ASLAN Series HMI with rich I/O and plenty of expansion potential, as well as a mechanical chassis capable of reliable operation in harsh environments.

Medical Solution

ARBOR cooperates with our partners on bedside infotainment service products and solutions. Examples are the Multimed TAB software bundle for hospital all-in-one bedside solutions, and Unified Cloud Service Node-Watch that allows remote management and upgrading of terminals for maximum security and efficiency.

Digital Signage

ARBOR displayed at the event an array of award-winning Digital Signage hardware for applications in public areas and commercial environments. We showcased the latest ELIT Series controller that supports six independent display outputs simultaneously via HDMI, and combined it with partner digital signage software to demonstrate customized content on multiple displays, delivering an astonishing visual experience.

Manufacturing capability

ARBOR offers a comprehensive line-up of embedded boards, customized BIOS configurations, conformal coating and other services, and dedicated support teams to help customers minimize time-to-market, enabling attractive cost points, superior manufacturing quality, and on time delivery.

To learn more about ARBOR products, services, and solutions, please visit here or email us at sales@arbor-technology.com