Gladius 系列

Measuring from 5.5” to 10”, ARBOR’s rugged industrial tablet PCs support either Windows or Android operation systems. These tablets allow for convenient access to data, communication, and information in a portable format. Our rugged computing designs make these devices suitable for use in the most demanding of conditions.

Our rugged tablet PCs boast a variety of optional features/accessories which are designed to facilitate mobile working, these include connectivity via Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G, and data retrieval via RFID, NFC, and Barcode scanner modules.

With robust durability and resistance to conditions that would compromise other technology, our tablets are ideal for use in field applications. We also offer great customization service according to customers’ requirements. From warehousing, logistics, retail to hospitality, our ODM/OEM service can provide maximum flexibility for customers’ needs.

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