Enterprise Award

ARBOR is dedicated in industrial IOT computing and mobility solutions, we cooperate closely with our partners to develop complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries, ARBOR's innovation products are recognized by multiple international awards.

Our mission is to enable an intelligent planet by providing mobility and embedded computing products that make working and living smarter A demo system was delivered within 1 week of request, allowing Eurotunnel to evaluate the proposed hardware, check compatibility with their custom software and conduct the extensive testing required to ensure the long term reliability would be achieved.

Custom metalwork was designed by ARBOR Technology UK to enable the Fanless Box PC to fit onto the existing mounting points. By using in-house CAD modeling the design concepts could be evaluated without the need for prototyping.

Industrial PC manufacturing by ARBOR Technology in Taiwan with configuration and testing at the ARBOR UK facility allows ARBOR to achieve cost effective pricing whilst offering customers the local UK sales, technical and aftersales support that they require.

Eurotunnel’s UK Support Manager, Nigel Hales said: “ARBOR Technology UK offered the local technical and manufacturing support we wanted, meaning the fanless Box PCs could be configured to our specification and meet our exact expectations.”

  • The national brand yushan award
  • Good Design
  • Bronze Award 2018
  • Computex d&i Awards
  • Best Choice Awards Green ICT
  • Taiwan Excellence