Remote Patient Monitoring

ARBOR's Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM) solutions can provide high accuracy results. We provide a wide range of medical computing solutions to offer efficient communication, patient care, vital sign monitoring, and telemedicine in the health care industry.

Some of our clients in France select our bedside infotainment system so that the medical personnel can observe the patient's health condition, and the doctor can consult and monitor via our RPM solutions.

In Australia, our beside infotainment system integrates with the bed pager and monitor screen in the nursery station so that the medical personnel can observe patients' conditions. If the patient's condition changes suddenly, the patient can also use the system to consult with doctors.

With our smart blood pressure monitor solution, all information about blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature will be recorded on a regular basis. Those records will be sent to the cloud for monitoring and analysis by medical personnel. The smart wristband will continue to monitor users' health conditions, and if the users' recordings show unusual, the medical personnel will take precautions immediately.