General Terms & Warranty Period

Below is the product warranty policy provided by ARBOR. The ARBOR products that you have purchased are free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period.

Warranty Periods

Product Category Product Line Warranty Period
Embedded Computing Computer on Module 2 years
PC/104 & PC/104+ 2 years
Compact Board 2 years
Slot Computing 2 years
Industrial Motherboard 2 years
Wide Temperature Board 2 years
Chassis / Backplane / Power Supply 2 years
Accessory 1 year
Rugged Mobile Computing Rugged Tablet PC 1 year
Medical Computing Expert Medical Station 2 years
Patient Infotainment Terminal 2 years
Nursing Care Thin Client 2 years
Mobile Clinical Assistant 1 year
Patient Monitoring Terminal 2 years
Industrial Automation Industrial Automation 2 years
Industrial Vision/Motion 2 years
Transportation 2 years
Digital Signage 2 years
Wide Temperature 2 years
Slim Panel PC (Wintel Series) * 2 years
Slim Panel PC (Android Series) * 1 year
Heavy Duty Panel PC 2 years
Wide Screen Panel PC 2 years

* Slim Panel PC (Wintel) Product: LYNC-712-4200G4, LYNC-715-4200G4, LYNC-708-3845G2, LYNC-712-1900G4, LYNC-715-1900G4, LYNC-817
* Wintel stands for PC that adopts Intel x86-compatible processors running Microsoft Windows.
* Slim Panel PC (Android Series) Product: KR1100, PC1015, IOT-500, IOT-800, IOT-800N, PC1017, M1016
* The ARBOR global warranty is subject to change without notice.