Design and Manufacturing Services

ARBOR Design & Manufacturing Services (ADMS) aims to help customers get the most out of their technology investments through customized design, manufacturing, quality assurance, logistics, and after-sales support. We leverage the industry’s best practices, including early planning, prototype delivery and customer services, to provide customers systematic, customized and time-to-market product development. With our responsive workflow, experienced R&D technologies, and integrated service, ARBOR delivers high-quality and speedy OEM/ODM services to maximize your business success.

Design & Manufacture Quality Assurance

Since the inception, ARBOR has focused on the design and manufacture of industrial computers and has strived to provide excellent products and services. Our group's laboratories are equipped with a precise and various of equipment, which is the key to our success. This advanced equipment not only supports our research teams' efforts and ensures our product's equality.

ARBOR Technology relies on advanced testing equipment and technical knowledge. We provide a full range of laboratory testing procedures, including Weathering Test, Mechanical Stress, Durability Test, Surface Analysis, etc., to verify that our industrial computer products meet the top of quality standards.

ARBOR's R&D team comprises a group of engineers with experience and professionalism. Our elite R&D team and advanced testing equipment will ensure our products meet customers' expectations and needs.