ARBOR's HMI (Human Machine Interface) is equipped with long lasting industrial displays featuring brilliant resolution and rugged design. The devices are engineered to meet the increasingly complex industrial process. HMI applications require mechanical robustness and resistance to water, dust, moisture, a wide range of temperatures, voltage, and, in some environments, secure communication. Our HMI Series is comprehensive and meets even the most demanding requirements in process visualization. By using open and standardized interfaces, the HMI allows efficient integration into any automation application.

In Taiwan, a textile factory selects ARBOR's ASLAN-W715C to be HMI system in their factory. Also, a petroleum company in the United States selected our TOKIN-6153 for the complex environment, wide voltage input, and resistance corrosion on their oil platform.

  • ASLAN Series

    Industrial-grade Widescreen Panel PCs for Monitoring and Controlling Automotive Production Lines


    Nowadays enterprises must evolve continually to respond to the increasing challenges and complexity in production environments where manufacturing processes are automated and robotic to manage tasks more efficiently. Driven by the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, it is becoming vitally important for factories to transform legacy systems and production lines to realize the vision of the “Smart Factory”. The smart factory allows direct data stream collection and communication between machinery and other facilities, in addition to real-time monitor and control operation flow to create a faster, error-free and collaborative manufacturing process.

    The ARBOR ASLAN widescreen panel PC Series presents a comprehensive solution and perfect fit for the Smart Factory vision by supporting these processes and assisting in improving overall operational management efficiency and productivity.

  • Applications

    • Manufacturing automation
    • Central machine unit control
    • Industrial AIO panel PC solutions
    • Environmental monitoring systems


    • Reliable and stable industrial-grade performance
    • Larger display with multi touch screen
    • Ample connectivity and wireless communication capability
    • Rugged and ergonomic design
    • Scalable expansion potential
    • Swappable CFast/HDD/SSD drawer for easy maintenance
  • Description

    ARBOR ASLAN Series industrial-grade HMI touch panels are specially designed for automotive manufacturing. Based on the Intel® Bay Trail platform, ASLAN supplies superior performance and reliability for predictable 24/7/365 factory operations. ASLAN widescreen (16:9 aspect ratios) touch panels come in various sizes up to 21.5-inch diagonal. Installed alongside production lines for data collection, the panels clearly shows comprehensive information related to production and machine operation in real time, saving operators time while reducing defect rates.

    Three separate onboard Gigabit LAN ports allow ASLAN Panel PCs simultaneous RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) connections for PLCs and motion control, integration of additional industrial equipment, as well as support of company intranet to link servers via clouds and cloud-based applications. Any data anomalies will be transferred to the control centers immediately for analysis and notifying operators. ASLAN includes Mini PCIe connectivity for legacy hardware and systems support via expansion module or Fieldbus interface.

    Factory automation HMI applications require robustness and resistance to dust, moisture and a variety of potential hazards such as bump and shock. The fanless ASLAN Series provides IP65 compliant front panels and 7H hardness anti-scratch displays for enhanced durability and reliability.


    • Improved manufacturing management performance
    • Increased reliability and production line productivity
    • Lowered production defect rate
    • Reduced machine maintenance
    • Reduced cost through flexible expansion capability
    • Faster response to market opportunities