Transportation System

ARBOR offers robust computing solutions for rail, marine, in-vehicle, and fleet management applications. From compact designs for confined spaces to devices that are resistant to excessive vibration and shock, we provide tailored products to fulfill your requirements. Our rugged mobile transport solutions can be used for vehicle tracking, and route optimization, to provide data, maintain communications, and enhance safety. They have been installed by the military, emergency services, on public transport, and in privately owned fleets.

Embrace the power of in-vehicle computing with our rugged mobile transport solutions, featuring advanced technology to meet the demands of today's transportation industry. Discover the reliability and efficiency of our in-vehicle fanless PC and rugged car PC, equipped with fanless embedded systems to ensure seamless operation in any vehicle. Take your journey to the next level with our top-of-the-line car computers, specially engineered for the challenges of on-the-go computing.