Automation Controller

The Automation Controller is a powerhouse designed to revolutionize smart automation across various industries. With cutting-edge features like the Machine Vision Controller powered by Intel® 14th / 13th / 12th Gen. Core™ processors, it enables precise and efficient machine vision applications. Its fan-less rugged design ensures reliability even in harsh environments, making it ideal for transportation systems and surveillance applications.

The Automation Controller is your key to next-level automation across industries. Its powerful Intel processor and machine vision capabilities ensure precise defect detection, product inspection, and object recognition in factories. The fanless rugged automation controller design thrives in harsh environments, and the versatile DIN-Rail embedded system making it ideal for IoV (Internet of Vehicles) computing, transportation, surveillance and other latency-sensitive applications. The support of Hailo module further boosts the automation controller performance, making it ideal choice for complex tasks like real-time data analysis and machine learning.

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