11/01 2012

ARBOR In-Vehicle Surveillance Solution

Mass transportation plays an important role in our modern lives. People take it to trip around, from city to city and place to place. By the mass transportation, people stay more connected with each other in an efficient and cost-effective way. However, due to the public nature, mass transportation vehicles have easily offered the locations for some crime scenes such as bullying, robbery, theft, fighting, etc. Tracking what goes on on-board has therefore become the key to prevent the said disturbance.

By FPC-3500 Series, Arbor Technology Co. presents the solution to the critical in-vehicle surveillance in most of the modern cities. The FPC-3500 Series is designed as a vehicle PC that is applicable to bus, truck and other vehicles. The computer is loaded with one video capture card and 1~4 cameras to document the images of the events on-board. The videos are stored to the computer's hard drive/CF/SD while they are real-time played on a screen that settles besides the driver. The computer makes it easy to keep the passengers safe on-board. And it makes it easy to track down the initiator of any crime if it happens.

The FPC-3500 Series has all its specifications meant for in-vehicle applications, such as smart power ignition function, GPS/GSM/HSUPA/GPRS for location tracking, rigid standard for vibration and shock, over-voltage power protection…etc. And the FPC-3500 Series comes with either PCIe or PCI slot to accommodate a capture card. The on-board Intel D525 dual core CPU supports the computer to play fluent 4-channel videos with ease while doing all the recording simultaneously. The FPC-3500 Series is an excellent solution for the surveillance on-board.