02/08 2013

AMD Collaborate with ARBOR to Develop Industrial Tablet Market

Tablet PCs have become main stream in global computer market and have gradually taken desktop PCs and laptops' place in market. More and more people consider tablets as their first choice instead of traditional PCs or notebooks when they decide to buy a computer. There are a number of computer manufacturer have been developing tablets for the increasing demands. Now, from consumer market to embedded market, you can see tablets everywhere.
The rise of tablets not only impacts whole PC industry, it also brings influence to component industry. In order to react to the market trend of tablets, AMD –one of the major CPU provider in the world – has put focus on embedded market as well. Based on their successful experience in consumer market, AMD provides products that help customer to have rich user experience in all kinds of workplace such as factories and hospitals.

In a recent interview hosted by a Taiwan financial TV channel, Arun Lyengar - AMD global VP- has shared his perspective of tablets trend while discussing the strategy of getting into embedded market. During the interview, the TV reporter was displaying ARBOR G1056, one of ARBOR's 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award winning products, which is the first tablet adopts AMD G series processor in the embedded market.

ARBOR G1056 is powered by AMD G-T56N APU and supports Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. The primary usage of G1056 is multimedia display applications such as Mobile Kiosk, 3D AR and E-catalog. The excellent graphic computing and touch interface bring rich user experience for customers

For the interview video, please click: AMD Global Vice President InterView Video