03/27 2020

ARBOR Teams Up with Microsoft to Support Smart Epidemic Prevention

A global provider of dedicated industrial IoT computing and mobility solutions, ARBOR Technology Corp. teams up with Microsoft Taiwan for AI solutions that will be effective for epidemic prevention.
COVID-19 has spread across many countries, and schools are coming out of winter break in Taiwan, so it is important to take precautions, such as body temperature checks and recognition of facial mask wearing. ARBOR will set up “Smart Healthcare”, consisting of Microsoft’s Azure and ARBOR’s one-stop facial mask and body temperature screening system, wearable temperature monitoring technology, and industrial-grade temperature monitoring handheld. The combination of ARBOR’s temperature screening systems and Microsoft’s Azure substantially improves the detection and analysis of vital signs.
Through ARBOR devices and services’ detection and recognition, if employees do not wear facial masks or their body temperature rises above 37.3℃, the data will be sent to the cloud. After data analysis, Azure Bot will issue instant message warnings to alert frontline crews to take immediate action: either to tell the employees without masks on to wear them, or hospitalize the ones who are with a fever.

In addition to one-stop temperature checks, ARBOR also has wearable monitoring technology and an industrial-grade screening handheld with cloud connectivity. Both are suitable for patients and workplaces to allow staff to take temperature checks quickly and accurately without close contact. This will supplement conventional forehead and ear readings, enhancing screening performance and efficiency. Once patients’ body temperature or heart rate rises above a threshold, the wearables will send the warning to medical professionals. Smart healthcare solutions greatly facilitate efficient epidemic prevention measures.

Mask and IR temperature kiosk with Azure

Temperature wristband with Azure

Handheld IR temperature with Azure