01/21 2020

ARBOR Introduces the EmETXe-a10M0 COM Express® Compact Type 6 Module with AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoC

ARBOR Technology, a leading IPC provider of embedded computing solutions, announces the release of the ARBOR EmETXe-a10M0 COM Express Compact Type 6 Module. The module is based on AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SOC (System-on-Chip) processors. The V1000 series family combines the superior performance of the pioneering “Zen” CPU with “Vega” GPU in a seamlessly integrated SoC solution, delivering new levels of computing and graphics performance for modern embedded designs. The superior graphics and multimedia processing capability make it ideal for applications such as digital casino gaming, medical displays, thin clients, industrial controls and communications Infrastructure.
The AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SOC on COM Express Compact modules is designed for low-power embedded applications. It provides higher performance per watt with lower thermal design power (TDP). The integrated AMD Radeon™ “Vega” GPU supports DirectX® 12 and OpenGL 4.6 for fast 2D and 3D image display. OpenCL 2.1 is also supported, enabling the execution of program code by the GPUs. The range of available graphics interfaces includes dual-channel LVDS / three DDI ports or DisplayPort / three DDI ports for the direct control of four independent displays.

The rich I/O features include multiple USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 ports, eight PCI Express x1 Gen 3 lanes, two SATA 6Gb/s ports and a Gigabit Ethernet interface. With its wide range voltage input from 5V to 20V, it offers a more flexible implementation without the need of additional voltage transfer circuit. Furthermore, it supports TPM 2.0 to provide enhanced security for sensitive embedded systems.
The following CPU variants are supported by the module:
Processor Cores Cache Base / Turbo Clock [GHz] DDR4 Rate [MT/s] GPU [Vega] TDP Range [W]
AMD Ryzen™ V1807B 4 2MB 3.35 / 3.8 3200 11 35-54
AMD Ryzen™ V1756B 4 2MB 2.5 / 4.2 3200 8 35-54
AT/LVDS/Win Logo 4 2MB 2.0 / 3.6 2400 8 25-12
AMD Ryzen™ V1202B 2 1MB 2.3 / 3.2 2400 3 25-12