05/25 2015

ARBOR to Introduce Retail Intelligence at Upcoming IoT Forum

Taipei – As a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, ARBOR Technology is at the forefront of launching innovative new technologies and services. As such, ARBOR has put a lot of effort in developing IoT-related solutions, and already has implemented several successful projects. Being a pioneer of Internet of Things solutions, ARBOR is co-organizing an IoT forum on the theme of “Empowering Retail Intelligence” on Thursday, 4th June, 2015, at Le Xuan Banquet Hall, Taipei. Several key vendors including MediaTek, Wistron, ADATA, TRADE-VAN, Mega International Commercial Bank, as well as representatives from the academic sector (Feng Chia University) will make presentations, sharing insights and their experience in real world applications. Please join us and register at http://www.digitimes.com.tw/seminar/ARBOR_20150604_C/online.asp
According to Gartner, IoT devices worldwide will top 25 billion units by 2020. The billions of end devices, together with big data analytics, the O2O (online-to-offline) business model and a variety of IoT application technologies, will push the commercial value of IoT to new heights. The construction of IoT-related platforms in retail intelligence is essential to stimulating the IoT economy and expediting smart city development.

At this forum, ARBOR will highlight our innovations and solutions in embedded IoT platforms, and share our major success stories in retail intelligence. In addition to enhancing existing technologies, ARBOR also seeks to establish joint ventures with interested vendors and system integrators (SI) to complete the retail intelligence platform. We hope there will be more partners and SI vendors to collaborate with us to create substantial value-added in this exciting new world of IoT.

  • For more information about “IoT Forum- Empowering Retail Intelligence” or to register to join, please visit http://www.digitimes.com.tw/seminar/ARBOR_20150604_C/index.asp
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