09/19 2016

Whitepaper: Check Out the New ARBOR Embedded Controllers with Extensive, Customizable I/O Capability

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, announced that its latest ARES-1230 Series fanless embedded controller whitepaper is now available online. Download the full whitepaper from ARBOR’s website for free: ARES-1231_Review_20160902.pdf
Currently, ARES-1230 Series offers three models (ARES-1230, ARES-1230-E and ARES-1231) differentiated in terms of their I/O configurations and construction. The three members of this ARES 1230 series controller trio use the same quad-core Intel Celeron N2930, a system-on-chip solution that runs at 1.83GHz, has a burst frequency of 2.16GHz,supports fast but efficient DDR3L RAM. The new ARES 123x series is well equipped for a large variety of tasks, especially in digital signage, machine automation and the retail sector.

This white paper covers:
  • A detailed breakdown and comparison of these three models’ configurations and construction.
  • Case studies in POS and gate ticketing applications.
  • Which model best fit your projects and budget.

For more information, please email us at sales@arbor-technology.com