12/23 2019

ARBOR Showcased Machine Vision and IoV at the Intel Edge Computing Summit

Global semiconductor supplier Intel invited Taiwan’s leading technology developers and solution providers for a keynote, forum and experience area to discuss the latest applications and solutions for AI and edge computing at 2019 Intel Edge Computing Summit. ARBOR Technology Corp. showcased applications of AI machine vision and AI edge computing for smart factory, railroad inspections, and IoV.
IoT and AI have been making huge progress and have been applied to various fields over the years. Both have advanced retail, and logistics, but also transformed industry. Compared to cloud computing, AI edge computing enables real-time analysis and responses, more flexible for deployment. Through AI edge computing, data can be immediately collected near IoT devices for instant analysis and applications. It won’t be uploaded to the cloud or remote central management, which helps the management team make decisions faster based on the instant data analysis.

At the Summit, ARBOR showcased the application of AI machine vision that enables devices to swiftly and precisely identify and remove faulty items on production lines.

For transportation applications, ARBOR’s solution provides edge computing to vehicle cameras and sensors. The system can identify if passengers are fully loaded inside a train, for example. The monitoring sensors outside the train and real-time data analysis facilitate the efficiency of track inspections for decision-making process and appropriate maintenance.