04/27 2018

Android terminal for « Work time tracking » applications

In Poland, a software developer installed PC1015 terminals in offices and nursery school to track workers and kids’ absence.
At the beginning, work time tracking had quite a negative image as a micro-management process and new control tool, but the truth is that this application offers a myriad of benefits for a business.

Indeed, this kind of software enable not only to register attendance list but also to keep accurate records and gain visibility on tasks process, in order to be able to adjust workload and improve project schedules regarding deadlines. In the current context where companies hire more and more freelancers, hourly workers or tele-workers, this system helps, for example, to simplify and precise payroll calculation. The solution also presents a security asset : in case of fire, it can report the exact number of people in the building ; during an event, it is easy to know guest number in real-time.

In Poland, Sales Sp. Z.o.o. software developer selected ARBOR PC1015 10’’ Terminal for numerous project. The software developer integrates its “Ktojest” attendance solution and install terminals in offices and nursery school to track workers and kids absence. Also in some textile factories, PC1015 application goes further and track work flow, with a dedicated program to navigate workers through their mission processes.

ARBOR terminal choice is motivated by three reasons, say Koncept-L , our local distributor:
  • Android operator system allows to freely develop new applications, as the possibility to quickly create guest new identification cards, for example.
  • PC1015 got options that enable to add 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID readers for visitors badge identification.
  • ARBOR products competitive price.

Learn more about PC1015 ARBOR Terminal.

In same geographic region, PC1015 Android terminal also has been installed for another mission : to inform consumers about products in supermarkets and enhance Client Experience. For more info, please contact sales@arbor-technology.com