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Find the Best Railway Transportation Solution with ARBOR Rail PC

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Railway transportation includes train, tram and MRT (mass rapid transit) system, and it is one of major ways to carry many passengers and goods for a long distance in a country or across countries. Hence it is very important to increase the economy efficiency and business for countries. 

Along with the great progress in new technology like new material, high-performance processor, and digital devices, more and more applications in rail transportation are developed, such as digital surveillance, digital signage, vehicle location information and so on. With the new technology, taking rail vehicles is more comfortable and convenient for passengers traveling around the world. 
ARBOR rail pc

ARBOR Technology has 20-year experience in design and manufacture in industry PC field, and is putting efforts into developing rail transportation business. To meet the increasing demand of rail market, ARBOR has developed two models of rail PC: ARTS-3250 and ARTS-3672W, which already passed the test from customers in different applications.

ARBOR ARTS-3250 is designed as a compact-size rail PC applied for simple applications for train/tram/MRT. In France, ARTS-3250 is taken as a PIS and digital signage system in a tram or tram stop to show the time of arrival, traveling time, and all kinds of information about the tram on LCD displays. It is very convenient for passengers to get the real-time information of the tram.

Unlike the ARTS-3250, ARTS-3672 is a high-performance rail PC with Intel Core i7 processor base. One of the world-class companies located in Canada adopted this model as digital signage, MP3 and communication platform in train. With equipping one ARTS-3672 in each cabin, passengers can get the train-related information via digital signage LCD display as well as listen to music from MP3 system. The ARTS-3672 improves the interaction between passengers and train information while makes passengers’ trip comfortable. 

Both ARTS-3250 and ARTS-3672 are compliant with EN50155 regulation, and with M12 connectors for major I/O such as power input, Giga LAN and audio, as well as M8 connectors for other I/O such as COM and USB. The design of connector provides excellent capability of anti-vibration and waterproof. All of these I/O interfaces are designed with isolation function to protect machine from unexpected surge damage. With the fanless and rugged design, the ARTS-3250 and ARTS-3672 are highly reliable for rail transportation applications.


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