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ARBOR HTab Deployment for Australia’s Most Modern Pediatric Ward

Medical Computing

ARBOR Technology and Tmm Software have again contributed to hospital digital modernization together. This time, HTab Patient Infotainment solution has been deployed into the sick children dedicated service.

In Melbourne, children would almost want to be sick, just to spend some days in Cabrini Hospital. There, in the corridors of the totally renovated new pediatric ward, interactive LED walls gets animated when people walk through: we can see landscapes with animals and trees, helicopters, and even the moon and stars during the night time. At reception and in rooms, each young patient enjoys the new HTab: a multi-touch Android terminal, especially resistant and certified for medical environment use.

“We have introduced different technologies designed to engage, stimulate and entertain our young patients and provide a welcome distraction from the medical side of their experience with us" says Ms Rindt, service director and program manager. "We considered how to best optimize the space and provide interactive experiences that our young patients could use intuitively, at any age.”

The innovative project consisted in pairing a 10’’ Arbor terminal with Android IPTV. In this way, HTab allows for not only enjoying multimedia infotainment (games, social networks, radio and therapeutical education) but also controlling patient environment ( TV remote control, nurse call, etc) thanks to the new Tmm MultiMed Connect software.

As a special customization for the application, ARBOR Australia’s R&D team created special mounting designs in order to fully integrate the HTab in all the various spaces of the hospital: on a rolling stand in reception hall, on a flexible arm fixed to patient bedside, or on room meal rolling table.

 First patients entrance has been filmed. Watch the video:

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